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Answering all your questions for the 100th episode of the Heal Your Hormones podcast

women's health Aug 15, 2023
Today is a special day! The 100th episode of the Heal Your Hormones podcast is officially LIVE! 🎉

Today is a special day! The 100th episode of the Heal Your Hormones podcast is officially LIVE! 🎉

A year and a half ago I jumped head first into the podcasting world. And I am SO glad I did!

Time has flown by and I can’t believe we are here, at 100 episodes, already!

I consider it the greatest privilege to show up in your earbuds every week. THANK YOU for tuning in! 🫶

To celebrate, I’m answering all of your questions on the latest episode of the podcast, Q+A style. You guys submitted so many great questions on Instagram and I had a blast going through them on the podcast.

Ranging from personal to professional to specific hormone/fertility related questions, below you’ll find the following questions I answered on the show!

  • Do I drink coffee?

  • Do I drink alcohol?

  • Am I 100% gluten free with Hashimotos?

  • Did my Hashimotos ever improve after getting Covid in May of 2022?

  • What happened with the gut test (G.I. Map) I did a few months ago?

  • When did I know I wanted to be an ND?

  • When did I know I wanted to specialize in PCOS?

  • Advice for becoming an ND?

  • How do you find an ND in your area?

  • How to navigate eating a balanced breakfast before working out without feeling too full to workout?

  • How important is eating certain foods and seed cycling during each phase of your menstrual cycle? And do you have to do both?

  • Is libido linked to fertility?

  • Do you recommend the DUTCH test if your period is irregular to figure out the root cause?

  • Bloating a few days before and during ovulation.

  • Thoughts on Oura Ring for cycle syncing.

  • How to improve progesterone levels to avoid premenstrual bleeding?

  • How often should you get your hormones tested if you know you have an imbalance?

  • How to heal when you have both Hashimotos and PCOS?

  • Is it dangerous to practice yoga, post ovulation, when trying to conceive?

  • Can PCOS cause a cryptic pregnancy and can HCG tests detect it?


 Here’s to the next 100 episodes! 🥂 Let’s do this!


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