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My #1 Step to Get Pregnant with PCOS

pcos pregnancy May 10, 2023
Imagine having a really clear understanding of what was causing YOUR PCOS and knowing exactly which hormones were preventing you from getting pregnant or staying pregnant.

Imagine having a really clear understanding of what was causing YOUR PCOS and knowing exactly which hormones were preventing you from getting pregnant or staying pregnant.

Now imagine knowing how to eat to balance you blood sugar and improve nutrient deficiencies specific to YOUR body.

There would be no more guesswork. You would know exactly what to focus your energy on in order to get pregnant. You also would save time AND money, bypassing generic PCOS advice, medications, supplements, and procedures.

Finally, imagine not only getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy, but the other annoying symptoms that come along with PCOS, like hair loss, weight gain, fatigue, and sleep disturbances, also resolving.

Comprehensive bloodwork, along with a provider who can help you understand the results, can make this your reality! The proper lab testing is my #1 step to getting pregnant with PCOS.

There are two mistakes I often see women with PCOS make when trying to become pregnant. These mistakes will highlight WHY comprehensive bloodwork is key to becoming pregnant.


  1. Blindly trying different diets, supplements, and medications without knowing what your nutrient levels are. Shooting in the dark here can lead to so much wasted time, energy, and money. And you could be doing more harm than good if you are focused on the wrong things. Testing your nutrient levels will give you the roadmap to move forward with clarity.

  2. Mistaking normal for optimal. Have you ever had a doctor tell you, “All your labs look normal.”? On bloodwork, each marker is given a reference range. This is a number considered to be acceptable for the general population. However, these numbers don’t account for things like age, genetics, gender, or the health goals of that individual. Instead of being content with normal, we need to strive for optimal. In order to strive for optimal, you must know what the optimal range is for each marker.

Because most women with PCOS have not had comprehensive bloodwork done, that means there is so much information and answers left to be uncovered that will guide them toward getting pregnant!

It is empowering to see on paper why pregnancy hasn’t happened yet.

Once you have the results then the work begins! You can start to take the necessary steps to transform your PCOS and fertility.

This is why when women join the PCOS Pregnancy Protocol, comprehensive lab testing is step #1. During Module One, you get a PCOS pregnancy lab tracker with a curated list of labs that every women with PCOS needs to have tested. It also includes information on what is considered optimal ranges, and therefore, can be used as a resource for years to come.

You will not be left alone to interpret your results. Once you have the results back from your OB, you will submit them to me and I will give you my feedback.

I know it can be extremely defeating and overwhelming when you’ve been trying for months (or even years) to get pregnant without any results. It can feel impossible. But I want to reassure you and give you hope that pregnancy with PCOS is possible!

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