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Navigating Life Postpartum with Samantha Gipson Pilates

childbirth postpartum pregnancy Jun 20, 2023
Postpartum can be a very vulnerable time for women and yet it seems to be the season women are most often forgot about.

Postpartum can be a very vulnerable time for women and yet it seems to be the season women are most often forgot about.

I’m joined on the Heal Your Hormones podcast by guest, Samantha Gipson, a pilates instructor, to discuss what to expect postpartum and how to best support yourself.

Samantha shares a bit about her birth story, her experience with nursing, and what postpartum looked like.

After delivering her baby boy in March 2022, Samantha struggled with nausea, extreme exhaustion, IBS, anxiety, and brain fog. Previous to becoming pregnant, Samantha also dealt with heavy periods and eczema.

We began working together when Samantha was 3 months postpartum. After diet changes and supportive supplements, Samantha has increased energy, better digestion, less anxiety, and lighter periods!

In this episode Samantha also talks about her experience of navigating doctors postpartum and being on Zoloft.

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Samantha’s business is a true manifestation of her passion to live a fulfilled life by means of health, community, fun, and balance. Samantha has been a fitness teacher since 2015 sharing not only her expertise on pilates, strength-training, and mobility but her wisdom on body-positivity and self-love through movement and nourishment.

Samantha Gipson Pilates offers a variety of training opportunities to match your lifestyle including private and group training classes, fitness and wellness retreats, as well as a Prenatal Program that takes you through Pilates mat class by trimester that Samantha filmed during her own pregnancy. With a specialized focus on pilates, strength training, mobility/fascia work, and high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) you will leave these classes feeling strong, rejuvenated, and confident in what your body can do. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you left with some of Samantha’s body-positive and warm energy too!


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