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Navigating your fertility journey at work with HR expert Alex Bonanno

insurance women's health Nov 07, 2023
Navigating your fertility journey at work with HR expert Alex Bonanno

Today’s episode on the Heal Your Hormones podcast is unlike any other I’ve done in the past!

On today’s show I have guest, Alex Bonanno, with me to discuss how to navigate your fertility journey with your employer.

 As an HR leader in the health benefits space, Alex shares how to talk to your employer about reproduction support, parental leave, and insurance coverage for fertility procedures.

We also dive into:

  • The pros and cons of HSAs and FSAs

  • The infertility benefits covered in the medical insurance world

  • What compassionate leave is

  • What kind of benefits might be offered to both the birthing and non birthing parent

  • Exactly what you need to know when chatting with your employer about parental leave (including how much time you will get off, how you will get paid, how to add your child to your benefits, etc.)

These conversations can be difficult, but after today’s episode you will feel encouraged and empowered to handle your fertility journey at work!


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