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What You Need To Know About Cervical Cancer

women's health Sep 05, 2023
There is so much fear and misunderstanding around cervical cancer.

There is so much fear and misunderstanding around cervical cancer.

And this fear and misunderstanding can lead women to ignore proper screenings that could prevent cervical cancer or catch it before it spreading to other locations of the body.

On today’s Heal Your Hormones podcast, I’m diving into what cervical cancer is, how women get it, what you can do to prevent it or catch it early, and finally different methods to treat it.

I’m also sharing my personal story with abnormal pap smears and my experience treating a patient with precancerous cells holistically.

When caught early, cervical cancer has high survival rates!

Tune in to the show to learn what screenings can prevent cervical cancer, as well as conventional and natural ways to support your body when dealing with cancerous or precancerous cells.


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